Culturally Competent


The term culturally competent care refers to nursing care that is sensitive to issues regarding culture, race, gender, and sexual orientation. Cultural competence is a process in which the nurse strives to achieve the ability to effectively work within the cultural context of an individual, family, or community from a diverse cultural/ethnic background. Delivering quality healthcare to culturally diverse populations is an increasing challenge in health care. Holistic Nursing and Healthcare Services, LLC follows these steps to building bridges between our health care professionals and families from different cultures.

  • Cultural awareness
  • Cultural knowledge
  • Cultural skill
  • Cultural encounter
  • Family structure and authority
  • The role of an elder
  • Respectful communication
  • Proper behavior
  • Dress and personal hygiene preferences
  • Food preferences

Cultural knowledge is the process by which you seek out and obtain education about various worldviews of different cultures. Our goal of cultural knowledge is to become familiar with culturally/ethnically diverse groups, worldviews, beliefs, practices, lifestyles, and problem-solving strategies to better service our clients.

Holistic Nursing and Healthcare Services, LLC is dedicated to improving the lives of people across all dimensions of diversity by continuing to work at transitioning from destructive responses to cultural differences – through steadfast examination of our beliefs, values and behavior and making appropriate and timely adjustments – to responses to cultural difference that are proficient.